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ADL: MGL Tools on macOS 11

Navan Chauhan

I am sorry for spamming the mailing list with three emails in a day, but I have finally made MGL Tools work on macOS Big Sur. Except editing one system header file ( even that could be fixed ), this does not use any hacks. Screenshot of Vision working: <>

I will try to write an instruction mail+post and also try to package as a binary perhaps ( although I have no experience with packaging binaries on macOS ).

For those who stumble upon this message, here are some simplified instructions:

1. Create virtual environment with Python2.7
2. Install NumPy 1.8 via pip (python -m pip install numpy=1.8.1
3. Install gcc 10 from Homebrew
4. Download original source ( tested on 1.5.6 )
5. Install with a similar command (CC=/usr/local/Cellar/gcc/10.2.0/bin/gcc-10 CXX=/usr/local/Cellar/gcc/10.2.0/bin/g++-10 ./startInstallation)
6. At this point it should have installed all packages except: The following package(s) are not installed:  ['mslib', 'QSlimLib', 'gle', 'opengltk’]
7. Download source fro opengltk 1.5.7 , patch it ( involves suppressing OpenGL Deprecation message and correct paths for framework ) Install by CC=(from above) CXX=(from above) python install
8. Export PYTHONPATH with root directory of MGLPKGS
9 Install Imaging Library version 1.1.6
10. Change self.__debug__ = 0 to globals()[‘__debug__’] = 0

You should be up and running now. ( Don’t forget to turn Dark Mode off, it is an annoying Tk bug wherein it shows white text on white buttons )

I will be more than happy to push these patches to the upstream if the owners want it.
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