ADL: Validation of specific binding

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ADL: Validation of specific binding

I want to identify more interactive ligands of specified protein using
Autodock vina.

so I used drug(chemical molecules) database (e.g. Drugbank, ZINC) when I
and then I got 5 favorable ligands. these ligands scored binding affinity
about (-18 ~ -21 kcal/mol).

I want to validate that these ligands can interact with protein by
biological assay.

Before this biological assay, Do i need some procedures for validation?
for example, Check non-specific/specific interaction using other proteins
for Decoy set?

As i heard, If these ligands will score good binding affinity as much as
binding affinities with other proteins, this result (getting lower binding
energy about specific protein) is not meaningful to biological validation.

is this right?

I wait your reply :)


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