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To whom may concern

My name is bergas redityo, a master student from National Pingtung University of Science and Technology Taiwan
I want to asking about an error that I get when using Autodock Vina.
I already finish all tutorial until I the last part (using command prompt) to finish my docking. In this part I get an error message that mention about the insufficient of my memory (error picture attached). What that mean and how I fix this problem

Thank you


Configuration data:
receptor = 9pap.pdbqt
ligand = SiCYS2.pdbqt

center_x = 30.357
center_y = 71.788
center_z = 11.485

size_x = 104
size_y = 126
size_z = 106

Computer specification
Intel core i5 7th generation 2.5 GHz
Nvidia GEFORCE 940MX 2 GB

error message screen shot:

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